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AC condensation Lines

Get Drying Help After AC Condensation Overflow in NC and SC

H20 Drying Solutions serves NC and SC customers after a variety of problems with water, including AC condensation overflow. If your AC condensation lines have had problems resulting in a flood, the mess can be overwhelming. In some cases quick clean-up is possible but in many cases, this sort of problem needs professional drying to protect your home from water damage as well as to ensure the integrity of the air quality of your home isn’t jeopardized but missed water in a basement after this type of flood.


In what seems like a short amount of time, water could be far beyond your AC unit, affecting a lot of areas, including:

  • Crawl space
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Hallways
  • Living areas
  • And beyond…

Damage from standing water can occur fairly quickly. Drying needs to go beyond removal of the visible water. Water can be under baseboards, deep into a crawl space, and beyond. This could mean extensive damage and, in a short period of time, it could also mean mold growth.


H20 Drying Solutions locates water and dries it. We eliminate humidity and odor and can stop the AC condensation line problems from resulting in mold growth.

Get Water Damage Help from H20 Drying Solutions

We serve NC and SC homes and businesses with drying solutions as well as flood restoration.  We have an excellent reputation in the NC and SC areas we serve with customers that are home owners, business owners, and property managers. Contact us for help with flood resulting from AC condensation lines or other flood problems due to appliances, storms, and for water damage after fire. We can help with flood restoration and mold remediation and deal with a number of insurance companies, too.