WET Today? Dry Tomorrow!

Carpet Drying and Cleaning

While it can be easy to clean your carpets by running a vacuum over them and keeping them dry by using a wet/dry vac and keeping liquid out of the carpeted areas, sometimes it isn’t enough. When you have a water leak, burst pipe, floods or sewage backup, you may need professional carpet drying and cleaning from H2O Drying Solutions.

How It Works

When the carpeting and pad get wet, they can retain a lot of moisture, soaking it up just like a sponge. It’s imperative to stop the water source immediately and call us to prevent:

  • Property Damage
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Personal Property Damage
  • Smells
  • Bug/Pest Infestation

Our process ensures that your Charleston SC carpet is dried and cleaned thoroughly in a short amount of time, usually less than a day. This can prevent the problems listed above, as well as respiratory illness and infections.


Ours is a three-step process, starting with the extraction of as much water as possible. Approximately 95 percent of the water is removed during this time, making cleanup much easier. We use an extractor and water claw to remove the liquid, which sucks up water from the pad and carpeting.


The next step includes evaporating the water that is still in the carpeting/pad. We use hot and dry airflow directly to the area to dry it thoroughly. It can also help dry sill plates, baseboards, walls and the subflooring.


The last step is the ventilation and dehumidification process. All moisture has to be removed or else it can seep back into the flooring. Humid air makes it slower to dry up the room, so we use thermostatically controlled exhaust to help.


Cleaning the carpets is another necessity, which we can help with, as well. Contact us today to learn more.