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Carpet Drying and Cleaning

Expert, Professional Carpet Drying in Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC

Have you come home to find that your washing machine has sprung a major leak? Perhaps an interior pipe has fractured, soaking your carpet and even leaking into the flooring underneath. In these circumstances and many more, prompt, thorough drying is absolutely essential.

We operate a top grade carpet cleaning and drying service, restoring your carpets, woodwork and floors to an exceptional level. If you’ve come home to a disaster, we can help to make it better!

Restoration and Remediation After Drying

We understand that the first priority if your property has been flooded is to get the water out. Our high performance machinery undertakes the three stages needed for successful water removal: After locating the water, high powered vacuum cleaners remove the majority of the moisture.

After the vacuum is used, the interior is exposed to high temperatures, causing evaporation of the remaining water. A powerful dehumidifier removes any remaining liquid, leaving your home dry and ready for reoccupation.

We Can Also Remove Mold

Unfortunately, if carpet drying or carpet cleaning has been performed previously but not completed successfully, dampness can remain. If left unchecked, unwanted moisture can cause a large number of unwanted problems, including mold.

Not only does mold look unpleasant, it’s also potentially dangerous; particularly if vulnerable people who have pre-existing chest conditions come into contact with it. Our friendly team can get rid of your mold rapidly, leaving your home clean and fresh again.

Prompt Carpet Drying When You Need It

We’re a well-established company that’s been working in and around Charlotte NC, for some years now, providing an effective solution to the problem of drying out damaged property following a flood. Whether the dishwasher has malfunctioned, AC condensation has run out of the overflow or you’ve had a water heater issue, we can get rid of the unwanted excess water, quickly and easily.

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