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Carpet Drying and Cleaning

Health Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning And Drying

If you live in Wilmington NC, you likely have carpeting in at least some areas of your home. Whether or not you’re faced with water damage, you should still ensure that your carpets are clean and dry at all times. Doing so not only means you have a cleaner house but can ensure that your home’s environment is healthier and safer for everyone. At H2O Drying Solutions, we want you to understand the necessity of having a clean and dry carpeting at all times.


Many pollutants can live and grow in moist areas, which can cause upper respiratory problems and other illnesses. Cleaning the carpet and drying it thoroughly will ensure that these pollutants are removed, which can include:

  • Pet Dander
  • Lead
  • Particles
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Mites/Small Pests
  • Airborne Gases

Dust Mites

These creatures are microscopic and can’t be seen, but they could still infest your home. The mites aren’t allergens, but their leavings are, which can cause problems with allergies and even asthma.


If you live in Wilmington NC, you likely have mold in your home. It is everywhere, and most kinds are not toxic or dangerous. However, during extremely humid months, dirty carpets can lead to mold growth and development. The same goes if you have had water damage recently from smoke or fire, burst pipes, and other repair problems. Removing the moisture is the first and only step possible to prevent mold from developing and taking over the house.


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