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Dishwasher Leak

Get Help After a Dishwasher Leak in NC and SC

Have you had a dishwasher leak in your home or business? If you don’t catch something like this immediately, it could result in a whole lot of water damage. Depending on what’s around the dishwasher and how far the water has traveled, you could have quite a mess on your hands.

Areas affected by a dishwasher leak can include:

  • Wood floors
  • Nearby carpeted rooms when the water spreads far and wide
  • Damage to wooden cupboards
  • The list goes on…
  • Damage to baseboards
  • Lifting of vinyl or other peel and stick-type tiles or other flooring
  • Mold and mildew nearby

Mopping up the water, using towels, and / or even using a wet vacuum can help, of course, but when the dishwasher leak has caused a lot of damage or when water has sat for some time, it might be prudent to call in professionals who can support with drying as well as mold remediation where the water has sat for some time.

H2O Drying Solutions Can Help with Dishwasher Leaks and More

H2O Drying Solutions can help with a variety of scenarios where water damage is a concern. We can quickly and easily dry the area professionally, which can be particularly important to the structural integrity of the area, as a lot of water sitting for a long amount of time could weaken walls and floors alike.

The company use professional equipment to quickly dry the area completely. We dry floors, ceilings, carpets, walls, and more. We are well-versed in flood restoration and mold remediation and can assist with all sorts of water damage.


The business have an excellent reputation among residential and commercial clients alike, serving clients in North Carolina and South Carolina. The sooner you call us the better. We offer emergency around the clock service as well and can help with dishwasher leaks, washing machine leaks, and other problems where water covers 100 sq. ft. or more.