WET Today? Dry Tomorrow!

Emergency Restoration

Fires, floods , burst pipes and sewage leaks are never fun things to deal with, and most people hope they never have to. However, when something untoward happens, you want the best to help you deal with it.

At H2O Drying Solutions, we provide restoration services to those in residential homes and commercial businesses. We handle your emergency quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to your normal activities.


We have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your needs. Your Charleston SC home or business can be cleaned of fire, smoke and water damage quickly with our processes and steps. We ensure that we follow all IICRC guidelines to prevent more property damages and keep things looking their best, even after a crisis.

We can handle:

  • Assessment of the situation
  • Water removal when necessary
  • Drying
  • Cleanup
  • Restorations
  • Mold remediation/prevention
  • Deodorizing smoke
  • Returning air quality

Special Equipment

We understand that most firefighters use chemicals and other things to put out fires. While this can stop the damage, it leaves more damage, especially from soot, water, chemicals and the like.

The company use the best technology and equipment to remove the water, evaporate it and dehumidify the area. We can also use cleansers to remove chemicals and make it safe to live in your home or work in your commercial property once more.


We use high-speed drying to dry carpets, hardwood floors, walls, ceilings, concrete and crawl spaces. You never have to worry that any part of your home will still be wet or fire damaged when we are finished. We work hard to ensure that your family can move back in safely.


We can also help with mold remediation and dryer vent cleaning. Contact us today to learn more.