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Emergency Restoration

Emergency Restoration for Your Charlotte, NC, Property Available Now

Has your home been hit by a flood or fire?  Perhaps you’ve ended up with a major mold problem due to on-going dampness issues.  If you’re struggling to find a reliable, experienced company to undertake your residential restoration job, we can help.

We are emergency restoration professionals with an enviable track record in using top quality equipment to restore buildings to an exceptionally high standard.

We Can Make Your Home Beautiful Again

Having seen your home knee deep in water or ravaged by fire, it’s hard to believe that it can ever look the same as it did before the disaster took place.  Surprisingly, with the right machinery and an enthusiastic, can-do attitude, it’s surprising just how well your property can be restored.

Whether you’ve got a house that’s suffered from a burst pipe or leaking dish washer, or need commercial restoration for fire damaged retail premises or a flooded office, our team can provide the prompt, expert service you need.

Four Steps to Residential Restoration Success

We follow a simple, four-step process for successfully drying sodden homes and offices.  Once we’ve located and isolated the source of the water, our industrial strength vacuum cleaners get to work, cleaning up the excess moisture.

This is followed by boosting the internal temperature up to encourage evaporation.  Finally, powerful dehumidifying equipment removes the last traces of moisture, leaving all the materials in your home completely dry.

One-Stop-Shop for Emergency Restoration

If you live or work in or around Charlotte, NC, and want to enjoy a stunning fusion of top quality results and attentive, enthusiastic customer service, it’s time to talk to us.  No matter how bad the damage to your property is, we can usually rectify a significant amount of the harm, leaving your building in a significantly better state.  To find out how we can help or to book, call us now at (877) 251-1752.

It’s time to give us a call at (877) 251-1752 and book an appointment with our helpful team.