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Flood Restoration Services in Charlotte, NC

Flood Restoration after Storm Damage

Have you had storm damage in your home or business? Unfortunately, some storm damage can be extensive. It’s important to deal with it quirky.
We are water removal specialists and can help you with flood restoration. We serve both North Carolina and South Carolina with proven solutions to help home owners and business owners combat the damage after a storm.

Storm Damage Can be Extensive

Storm Damage Can be Extensive

Water damage from a storm can flood the basement, can get in through roof damage, and from other problems, such as broken windows or gaps under doors. The list goes on. Even if your home is completely weather proof prior to a bad storm, damage can occur and put your home and belongings at risk.


Water can be very destructive to both hard and soft furnishings as well as the structural integrity of your home. Flood restoration to deal with storm damage should be started as soon as possible after storm damage.

Flood Restoration Services in NC and SC


H20 Drying Solutions can come in, assess the damage, and can quickly get to work on restoring your home after a flood. Storm damage can mean that we need to get things dry and prevent mold growth. It may also mean that some of your belongings will need to be replaced. The sooner we can assess storm damage and work on flood restoration the better chances you’ll have of minimal loss.

We are experienced in all facets of flood restoration and can even work with many insurance companies directly with billing. Talk to us as soon as possible after storm damage so that we can help you get things restored in your home or business.