WET Today? Dry Tomorrow!

How High Speed Drying Works

These are just the basics to speed drying. Depending on the source of water, time frame, and/or types of materials wet H2O will use a variety of equipment and strategies to care for your property.


  • Find the water.
  • Extraction. H2O uses high powered vacuum to remove 95% of the water. This is a critical step in the drying process.
  • Evaporation. The key to high speed drying is Hot, Dry, Airflow. Direct and contain hot, dry air to wet surfaces. Raising the surface temperature speeds evaporation.
  • Exhaust/ Dehumidification As water evaporates it is removed from the structure by exhausting it to the outdoors or by the use of LGR Dehumidifiers.
High Speed Drying Works
High Speed Drying Works