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Our History – H2O Drying Solutions in Charlotte, NC

H2O Drying solution history

H2O Drying Solutions was created in 2007 to overcome what we saw to be inherent problems inside the water damage restoration industry. This main problem being that the industry was not embracing vast improvements made in drying equipment and proven superior methods. Truth be told most companies are drying the same way today as they did 20 years ago.


Many misconceptions about the effects of water on specific materials have been corrected. Ripping out walls and flooring, inconveniencing homeowners for weeks on end, and adding up drying and reconstruction costs really is not necessary in most situations.


H2O’s research and real world experience made it very clear to us that this was the perfect opportunity to fill a major void and to offer a clearly better solution to homeowners needing help with water damage restoration.


H2O Drying Solutions is the first in the Carolinas to feature the TES™ thermal energy system. We can restore your structure in as little as 24-30 hours, with minimal or no reconstruction liability. We can handle any size water damage restoration situation. Our team of licensed, certified and insured restoration services specialists will give you the dependable, innovative and affordable service you deserve. Always keeping your best interest in mind.


Beyond water damage restoration, our team of experts also provide fire damage restoration, mold removal, flood damage restoration, sewage cleanup, and more! Our team is fully capable of handling all of your restoration services needs.