WET Today? Dry Tomorrow!

How H2O Finds The Water

When water intrudes into a structure it is very important to find all of it. You don’t have to be a water damage professional to understand how quickly water can migrate to many areas of a building. What many people don’t realize is that water may often end up where you DID NOT EXPECT, it will get to areas you cannot see or feel. Consider the areas behind your baseboards, wet drywall, wet sill plates, wet subfloor, wet crawlspace, and wet insulation.


It is very important to find all of the water. If a proper inspection is not performed you run the risk of leaving areas wet resulting, odor, decay, and mold. H2O uses specific meters to locate, detect leaks and measure moisture content. This is one of the very first steps our technicians will take to protecting your home and it is very important. We will locate all of the moisture, set the standard of what “dry” is in your home, and document progress.