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Leak Detection

Leak Detection for Your Charlotte, NC, Property Available Now

Hidden water leaks can be stressful and frustrating.. More importantly, they are an issue you need to resolve right away. If you are searching for a reliable, experienced company to find the source of your water leak, we can help.

H2O Drying solutions has over 10 years of experience in the water damage restoration industry and now we want to help you find the leaks that might cause that water damage. Our track record for using top quality equipment and employing exceptionally high standards separates us from the competition.

Where can I have a leak?

Leaks can occur basically anywhere there is water. Hidden leaks are those that occur somewhere inaccessible or somewhere where it’s hard to detect the origin (e.g a pool). H2O Drying Solutions can detect leaks in slabs(concrete), underground plumbing, sewage/drainage, pools /spas or irrigation systems.

We have helped find leaks in even the hardest to reach places. Individual home owners as well as groups (such as plumbers, individual homeowners, insurance adjusters, insurance companies, property management companies, cities or municipalities) who need to find a leak on their property can count on us. Our team is fully capable of finding the source of any leak you may have.

Signs that you may have a leak

Reasons To Hire Water Damage Repair And Restoration Companies

A hidden leak can drive you crazy because you have no idea where it’s coming from. The worst part is that water spots or accumulation can occur in an area that isn’t even close to the source.

You might have a leak if:

• Your pool is draining faster than usual (up to ¼ inch of water lost daily)
• You smell decaying wood or notice mold/mildew
• Water-loving bugs start to show up (i.e roaches, silverfish, etc)
• Unusual noises in your plumbing
• Wet areas that should be dry
• Your water has sediment or rust particles

Our team will be out to your property within 24 hours of receiving your call to conduct an initial inspection. We use a number of different techniques to detect your leak based on the area. These techniques include the use of acoustic devices, negative pressure gauges and thermal imaging to pinpoint your leak.

Professional Team That's Proud to Undertake Hidden Leak Detection in Charlotte, NC

Our goal is to give every client a winning combination of top grade results and friendly, attentive customer service. We have the equipment and innovative techniques to detect even the smallest leak! To find out more about what we can offer or to book an appointment, call us now at (877) 251-1752.

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