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Mold Remediation & Removal Services in Charlotte, NC

Mold Removal

Mold removal is essential after water damage. A small flood might cause much more damage than you’d expect. Mold can grow from water damage as well as from an ongoing moisture problem your home or business. And it can happen in hard-to-reach places, such as a crawlspace, under baseboards, and so forth. Mold can begin growing 24 hours after the optimal conditions for growth. It’s vitally important to deal with it swiftly.

Mold: Hazardous to Your Health

Mold: Hazardous to Your Health

Mold is detrimental to the respiratory system and people who live in a home with mold can be very susceptible to what’s become known as sick house syndrome. Those with asthma and allergies will find the condition worsens. Those who don’t have respiratory problems will begin to notice them. If you’ve had a flood of 100 square feet or more and / or you’ve noticed mold in the home, mold remediation service could help you eliminate mold.


At H20 Drying Solutions, mold cleanup and restoration services are one of our specialties. We have mold remediation technicians and the needed expertise to rid your home or business of mold.


Rapid drying is important when a home has extensive water damage and the right solution can avoid mold. If water has sat too long or wasn’t cleaned up thoroughly and mold has started, talk to specialists in mold remediation to come in and provide you with an estimate for mold removal.

Why Choose H2o Drying Solution

Choose H2o Drying Solutions

We serve North Carolina and South Carolina with a variety of solutions to combat moisture problems, such as mold remediation. We can do an assessment and provide you with an estimate as well as information about strategies to help you combat mold. We also deal with insurance companies. We have a great reputation and would be happy to show you why we’re an excellent choice for mold removal in NC and SC.
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