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Odor Control

H20 Drying Solutions - Odor Control, Removal, and Deodorization

Odor Control, Removal, and Deodorization

After damage due to flood, fire, storm, or another occurrence where there is mold or other damage to a home or business, odor is often left behind, even after you have cleaned up. Sometimes there are odors left in a home or business for other reasons. Despite your best efforts to handle clean-up on your own, there are times when the best approach is to call in professionals. At H20 Drying Solutions, we have solutions for those who are dealing with the aftermath of a storm, flood, water damage, and mold. We can help with odor removal and deodorization of homes or businesses after an accident, mishap, problem with biohazards, or a catastrophe. Unsure if we can help you or not? Talk to us!

Eliminate Odors: Especially Ones that Could Pose Health Risks

Odors can be bothersome but in some cases they can also be a health risk. When you need odors removed, there are times when the best approach is to call professionals.  We find the source of odors and then we eliminate them.

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There are times when odors linger. But professional services can work to eliminate unpleasant odors. Deodorization and odor removal can help you get back to your home or place of business sooner. Talk to us today. We also work directly with insurance companies in many cases and offer around the clock emergency services. We have a great reputation in both North Carolina and South Carolina and would appreciate the opportunity to help you eliminate odors that are stopping you from enjoying your home or operating your business.