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Reconstruction & Restoration Services in Charlotte, NC

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Reconstruction Services Specialists

Reconstruction Services are available from H20 Drying Solutions. We work with homes and businesses in both North Carolina and South Carolina when reconstruction services are needed.

About Our Reconstruction Services

Beyond helping with flood damage, water remediation, and sewer remediation, we are also experts in reconstruction services.  When you need extensive reconstruction services, we are an excellent resource. We have a good reputation in large and small projects with a sense of urgency.


We have extensive expertise with water evacuation, mold remediation, and high-speed drying as well as the expertise to assess damage and help you develop an action-plan for reconstruction services.


Damage from fire, water damage, and storm damage can leave devastation in their wake. At H20 Drying Solutions, we have the tools and the professional experience to get into a home or business, assess damages, and launch an action-plan to move forward. Talk to us today about an assessment.

At H20 Drying Solutions, we strive to:

At H20 Drying Solutions, we strive to
  • Quickly assess damage and determine a safe and pragmatic action plan that can be implemented immediately, wherever possible
  • Save as much of the existing belongings and / or structure as possible, through removal, quick drying, and best practices in remediation
  • Keep you informed and liaise with you and / or your insurance company wherever possible.

We have an excellent track record of satisfied customers who we help get back to their home or business quickly. Contact H20 Drying Solutions today for a conversation and assessment of your home or business.