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Sewage Remediation & Sewage Cleanup in Charlotte, NC

Flood Restoration after Storm Damage

 H20 Drying Solutions: Experts at Sewage Remediation

Do you need sewage cleanup? At H20 Drying Solutions, we offer sewer remediation, an extensive and thorough process that can help you deal with a home or business after a problem with sewage. We know how urgently a matter of sewage backup is to homes and businesses and that’s why we offer around the clock emergency service, too.

Sewage Remediation: The Importance of Professional Help

Storm Damage Can be Extensive

Sewage doesn’t just stain and smell bad; it can contain harmful pathogens. If it isn’t cleaned thoroughly it can do more than damage your home or business. It can make people very ill, too.

We follow recommended sewage remediation guidelines, which are vitally important in dealing with human or animal waste.  Whether you’ve had a sewer back-up, problems with your own septic system, or another sewage-related disaster, we can help. H20 Drying Solutions serves both North Carolina and South Carolina and we have mold and sewage remediation technicians who can help with sewage cleanup. We know that time is of the essence and that cost may be a factor as well so we offer 24/7 emergency services and we can also deal with many insurance companies as well.

Get Professional Sewage Cleanup Help from H20 Drying Solutions

Sewage remediation can go beyond surface areas. It can be overwhelming to clean-up without the proper knowledge and the proper professional equipment. As professionals who serve the NC and SC areas in areas of flood, storm damage, mold, and sewer remediation contact us. We can handle jobs of any size.