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Sink leaks

Get Help with Sink Leaks in NC and SC

Beyond talking to a plumber about fixing sink leaks, there are times when home and business owners need help from a company like H20 Drying Solutions.  Sink leaks can result in a lot of water damage. If a sink leak happens while you’re asleep or away from home, water can quickly spread and leave a path of destruction. The longer water sits after a sink leak, the worse the damage will be.

Water Damage from Leaky Sinks Can Be Extensive!

  • Ruined furniture
  • Damage to floors
  • Damaged walls and baseboards
  • Ruined carpets
  • Leaks through the floor below the sink
  • And more…

Drying an area after a flood caused by a sink that has overflowed can require professional help from a company like ours. We can come in and quickly dry the water before it causes extreme damage. If it has already caused that damage, we can help with flood restoration services.


Our process begins with getting to you as quickly as possible. We offer around the clock emergency service. After we’ve assessed damage we can remove the water and deal with odors and humidity.  Cleaning and sanitization of the affected area and any associated restoration may also be necessary, depending on the extent of the damage.

H20 Drying Solutions: NC and SC Drying and Flood Restoration

H20 Drying Solutions has an excellent reputation for serving NC and SC. We find the water, dry the area, and we can even work with insurance companies in many cases. Contact us now for help after water damage due to a sink overflow, problems with water related to your appliances or bathroom and kitchen fixtures, for help after a storm-related flood, or for water restoration and mold remediation due to water damage after a fire.