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washing machine overflow

Get Help After a Washing Machine Overflows in SC and NC

Washing machine leaks and washing machine overflow incidents can cause a lot of damage. Unless your machine has leaked in a basement and the water has been contained in a very small area with a drain, it can be very damaging or even catastrophic to your home and belongings.

Main Floor Laundry Rooms

Whether you are in a bungalow, an apartment or condo, or another scenario where your laundry room is on the main floor in your living space, you have concerns about overflows and leaks of washing machines. The water, especially if left sitting for a period of time, can cause damage to rugs, flooring, walls, and can leak through to the floor below, causing damage there, too.

Laundry in Sleeping Areas

More new homes than ever have laundry machines in the top floor to facilitate putting clothes away. It makes sense to have laundry near where clothes are kept. But when a washer overflows in an upstairs laundry area, it can be devastating. Many people contact us when their washer leaks or overflows and there are carpeted areas around their laundry area.  Mold and water damage can not only occur in carpeted areas and affect nearby walls but the water can leak through to the floor below, causing damage to two floors.


Even if you believe that you’ve dried things well after a washing machine overflow in the home, when more than a hundred square feet of area has had water damage, it’s advantageous to contact specialists like H20 Drying Solutions.

Contact H20 Drying Solutions for Help After a Washer Overflows or Leaks

We serve North and South Carolina and offer high-speed thorough drying solutions to stop the damage and / or flood restoration services as well as mold remediation when water has sat for more than a short time. Mold and irreparable damage can happen quickly so act fast when a washing machine leaks or overflows.