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Water Damage and Cleanup

Charleston SC may not be rampant with sewage problems and flooding, but burst pipes and other situations can still leave you in trouble. Your home is your sanctuary and at H2O Drying Solutions, we understand that you want to keep damage minimal, as well as repair and restore everything to its original state. Our professional restoration service will ensure that:

  • Structural integrity is checked
  • All hazards are removed/checked before you’re allowed back on the property
  • All ventilation issues are handled
  • Carpets and flooring are dried when possible

You don’t want that stuff in your basement or home, so it’s important to have us come out and start the cleanup and restoration process from the sewage. You will need to ensure everything is dry, clean and disinfected so that you, your family and your pets do not get sick.


While contamination is most people’s primary concern, it shouldn’t be the only one. Moisture in the house will inevitably lead to mold and mildew problems. Therefore, it can be tough to determine what can safely be kept and what must be disposed of properly. We can help you determine what is salvageable and what must be thrown away (and how to do so correctly).


Many times, your insurance company will require you to work with professionals like us. It is to keep both you, your property and them safe during the situation. Contact us today to learn more now.

Why Professionals?

Most people in Charleston, SC believe that they can handle their restoration needs themselves. While this is feasible, it may cost a lot more money, and you may not do it correctly, which could lead to loss of property and more money to fix the new problems. Instead, it is usually best to let us handle the water damage cleanup process because we’ve been doing it for years. We understand the process and know which repair options are possible and helpful.


You probably don’t know that there are safety issues when dealing with these damages. Three types of damages are possible. Those in the first category won’t hurt you, but those in the second and third groups can cause illness or death. We can determine which issue you have, determine the best way to clean it up and get you back into your home as quickly as possible.


Another issue is carpeting. While it may not seem important, carpets can soak up liquids like a sponge. Even if the surface is dry, the pad and subflooring could still be wet, which can cause structural damage, foundation problems and a lot more. Contact us today to learn more about these issues and how we can help.