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Water Damage and Cleanup

Effective Water Clean Up in Charlotte, NC

Being the victim of a flood is bad enough, but if the clean-up isn’t done correctly, a number of long term problems are likely to develop. We understand the importance of removing all the moisture from a property, completely drying out carpets, woodwork and cement work to leave your home in top condition. If you want to minimize water damage following a burst pipe, leaking dish washer or other household disaster, you can count on us to get the job done properly.

Prompt Call Out, Effective Four-Step Process

If you live in one of our listed service areas, we promise to get to you within ninety minutes of your call, ready to start implementing our four-step clean up procedure.  The first thing we do is to identify where the water is coming from and stop the source of the flood.  After that, our heavy duty vacuum machinery is used to remove almost all the damaging water from your home.  We then increase the indoor temperature significantly, prompting any remaining water to evaporate.  A high powered dehumidifier gets rid of the remainder of the water, leaving the property beautifully dry again.

Reduce Water Damage

We know that prompt, speedy drying minimizes the time the water has to permanently damage the materials that form the structure of your home.  Our team specializes in rapid drying that quickly removes the unwanted moisture, reducing the risk of mold, unpleasant smells or the decay of woodwork and carpets.

Professional Team That's Proud to Undertake Water Clean Up in Charlotte, NC

We aim to give every client a winning combination of top grade results and friendly, attentive customer service.  No matter how badly your home has been flooded, our heavy duty equipment, innovative techniques and prompt, obliging customer care will help restore it to its former glory!  To find out more about what we can offer or to book an appointment, call us now at (877) 251-1752.

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