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Water Damage and Cleanup

Reasons To Hire Water Damage Repair And Restoration Companies

If you live in Wilmington NC and had a fire, natural disaster or burst pipes, you need cleanup options. While you may think it possible and safe to do so on your own, it is usually better to hire a professional, such as H2O Drying Solutions, to come in and handle the situation safely and correctly. For example, you don’t know the extent of damages caused and may not realize how dangerous it could be. For example, mold and mildew may grow, the foundation may not be stable, and other problems may arise.


These companies know what to do and can handle the repair, restoration and cleanup process of water damage quickly and efficiently. To do so yourself may take months or even years before it is hospitable again. These companies usually hire multiple contractors to do different work on your home and get things taken care of faster. This way, secondary damages don’t occur, and your home is restored so you can move back in and continue daily functions.

No Mold/Mildew

Within 24 hours of water damage, your Wilmington NC home can already start developing and growing mold and mildew. It isn’t a pretty picture and can make you sick or exasperate your allergies and asthma. The professionals can determine the damages, create a plan to ensure that it gets cleaned up and help dry up the excess waters in the home.


They’ll find out if mold had already existed, remove it with industrial disinfectants and make your home safe for yourself and your family once again.


Restoring a home isn’t easy, but it can be much easier if you choose to hire us. We will handle all your needs efficiently, fast, and with friendly service. Contact us today to learn more.