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Get Help After a Water Heater Leak in SC and NC

If you’ve had a leak with your water heater, you’ve got two problems on your hands.

1. The water heater

2. The water left behind

In terms of the water damage, drying with a wet / dry vac may not be enough, particularly if the leak resulted in more than a little bit of water and especially if the water flooded to walls, carpets, or beyond the space directly around the water heater.


Damage from leaking water heaters can be extensive, including walls, flooring, carpeting, and any furniture near the water heater. With more of us than ever making use of our basements as storage space or for additional living space, we also want to make sure that the air quality in the area is good. The longer water sits, the worse the odor gets and the harder it is to remove that humidity as well as the smell of standing water or resulting damage to walls, floors, and so forth. Mold is of great concern, too, as it can not only cause damage to the basement but it can be deadly to breathe in, even if you don’t spend much time in your basement. It can impact the air quality of the entire home.


The sooner you bring in professional assistance, the better.

H20 Drying Solutions: Helping You with Flooded Basements and More

Has a water heater leak flooded your basement? We can help with fast drying solutions using professional equipment. We can get the area dry, remove odors, and can help with flood restoration or mold remediation. Talk to us about your needs. We offer emergency service and serve customers in North Carolina and South Carolina.