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Water leaks can be stressful, destructive and costly


Hidden leaks in your ceiling, basement or sewer can be hard to find and even harder to fix… H2O Drying Solutions is here to help! Learn more about our hidden water leak detection services.
Leaks that you can’t seem to find the source of could drive you crazy. Imagine your pool is draining 2 – 3 inches of water daily and you have no clue where it’s going! Or you notice a moisture spot but there is no water source close by! Signs of a leak can often appear meters away from the actual leak making it that much harder to detect. Not only can a hidden leak be stressful, but it could also be racking up a massive water bill. A hidden water leak can run undetected for as long as six months before it surfaces. Not to mention, hidden leaks could be costing you between 15 – 30% of treated potable water. Before your leak worsens and causes you hundreds of dollars from water damage, it is best to contact a leak detection company that has the equipment and the expertise to find and repair your hidden leak.


At H20 Drying Solutions, we believe that one leak shouldn’t disrupt your entire life. There are many ways to detect a hidden leak but the most efficient methods are non-invasive techniques. Technological advancements have eliminated the need for archaic and time consuming processes, such as cutting and capping or relaying the whole pipeline, which saves you both time and money. Non-invasive techniques can pinpoint the exact location of your leak without having to demolish/ destroy any part of your property to identify it. The three main non-invasive techniques used to detect a leak are listening devices (acoustic devices), thermal imaging and negative pressure.


It is possible to have a leak in any place where there is water. A water leak or burst main pipe can be hiding in areas/surfaces such as concrete slabs, in plumbing, drainage and sewage lines, pools, spas and irrigation…basically anywhere that water flows. Once you notice water spots that you can’t tell the source of, or you notice your pool/spa is draining much faster than it should, you need to call us. Unlike other major leak detection companies, at H2O Drying Solutions we will be out to your property within 24 hours of receiving your call, usually on the exact same day…some companies can make you wait up to 3 weeks which is simply unacceptable. Water leaks only worsen through time making it essential for you to deal with it as early as possible.


A leak can affect anyone in charge of a property, not only homeowners. Over the years, we’ve been called to detect hidden leaks by plumbers, homeowners, insurance agents/adjusters, property managers, municipalities…our leak detection services are for both commercial and residential properties. We work with all insurance companies hence finances are the least of your worries. So if you notice a leak that you can’t seem to find the source of, save yourself the headache and the money by giving H20 Drying Solutions a call. We will find your leak faster than you can say “leak detection”!