WET Today? Dry Tomorrow!

What Makes High Speed Drying More Effective?

H2O Drying Solutions cutting edge equipment produces significantly faster drying times and offers distinct advantages to our customers:

What Makes High Speed Drying More Effective?
  • Able to dry most homes in as little as 24-30 hours.
  • Drying of wall cavities and difficult to reach areas with minimal tear out of materials. Less noise.
  • Ability to “Save” items that would be have been lost without the advantages of high speed drying.
  • Drying without destruction spares the customer the major pains of reconstruction efforts that drag on for weeks.
  • Lower drying cost.

Our equipment includes the revolutionary TES™ thermal energy system, and specialized non-invasive drying technologies from industry pioneers Octi-Dry™ and Injectidry®. We maintain portable generators, 4″ trash pumps, sump pumps, and emergency lighting. We also use advanced moisture measurement and data logging tools to document the restoration of your structure for insurers and for your peace of mind. Our large inventory of equipment and resources permit us to take on any task regardless of size. We manage drying projects as simple as a single wet room for a tub overflow to those as large as catastrophic flood damage.